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SETALUX® 1192 SS-60

SETALUX® 1192 SS-60 is an acrylic polyol with 3.8 % OH (calculated on non-volatiles). Very fast drying at room and elevated temperature, excellent appearance, easy application, good outdoor durability, good adhesion results to metallic basecoats, good yellowing resistance in accelarated weathering tests.
Regions Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China
Product Group Solventborne Acrylics
Market Applications Industrial Metal; Vehicle Refinish; Automotive OEM; Marine & Protective
Segment Applications Paint & Coatings
Chemistry Acrylic
Technology Solventborne/Solventfree resins
Formulation Advantages Good compatibility
Application Advantages Low temperature drying
Low temperature curing
Faster cycle time
Final Product Advantages Improved outdoor durability
Excellent adhesion
Improved appearance