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CRYLCOAT® E 04430 is a tin- and TMA-free carboxyl functional polyester resin for use with 5% Primid® XL 552. Formulations based on CRYLCOAT® E 04430 exhibit improved color stability in direct fire gas ovens, excellent flow and mechanical properties, no pinholing in thicker films and are blooming free.

  • Regions

    Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • Product Group

    Standard Durable

  • Market Applications

    Coil & Pre-Coated Metal; Industrial Metal

  • Segment Applications

    Paint & Coatings

  • Chemistry

    Polyester; HAA

  • Technology

    Powder coating resins

  • Application Advantages

    Higher film thickness in one application

    Higher popping limit

  • Final Product Advantages

    Gas oven resistance

    Blooming resistance

    Improved color stability

    Improved degassing

  • Green Attributes

    Low/zero VOC

    Organo Tin free

    Tin free

    TMA free

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