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Defoamers and Deaerators


When you have had it up to here with foam

  • Recoatable
  • Efficient foam management
  • Clear and high gloss systems

ADDITOL® XW 6569 is a modified silicone based defoamer. It is emulsifier-free with no influence on rheology modifiers and resin stability. This highly effective defoamer is easy to incorporate into all waterborne paint systems.


When you need to air it out

  • Easy incorporation
  • Crosslinkable
  • Waterborne systems

ADDITOL®  VXW 4909 is a efficient combination deaerator and defoaming additive with broad applications in waterbased paints.


Marco, Allnex Austria

TSBD Manager Additives

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Coating Additives

Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Foam Control ADDITOL® XL 6507 or 6531 High performance silicone free deaerator for high clarity, high gloss SB systems. Request sample
Foam Control ADDITOL® XW 376 Cost efficient defoamer for wall paints. Request sample
Foam Control ADDITOL® XW 6567 FDA approved defoamer. Request sample
Foam Control ADDITOL® XW 6569 High effectiveness silicone defoamer using less amount of silicone. No external emulsification allows better thickener response. Request sample
Foam Control ADDITOL® VXW 6386 Special low particle size wax / mineral oil defoamer for better transparency. Request sample