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European Coatings Show 2019 (ECS)

Mar 19 - 21, 2019 | Germany

Join us at booth 532 (Hall 1)

  • Liquid Resins & Additives
  • Radcure UV/EB Curable Coating Resins & Additives
  • Powder Coating Resins & Additives and Crosslinkers

Experts representing their cutting-edge technologies will be on-hand to offer attendees an exciting look into the advanced solutions designed to meet and exceed their needs.

At the booth (Hall 1, booth 532) will be extensive information and expertise regarding the wide range of allnex products, including Liquid Resins & Additives, Radcure UV/EB Curable Coating Resins & Additives, Powder Coating Resins & Additives and Crosslinkers.

Congress Presentations

We are immensely proud of the large presence of allnex speakers at the conference – seven in all! We invite you to register and join us at the sessions. More details are provided below.

Film microstructure and kinetics of 2K WB coatings based on quaternary ammonium formation

  • Speaker: Silfredo Bohoquez
  • Monday, March 18, 14.30-15.00
  • Room: St. Petersburg

This work describes an extensive study about the influence of polymer particle morphology of two component coating systems based on crosslinking via quaternary ammonium crosslink formation. The morphology of the polymer particles produced by emulsion polymerization was carefully designed to offer an enhanced pot-life, better stability, lower VOC among others, as compared to more traditional waterborne two component systems. Moreover, the influence of the particle morphology on the reactivity of the system was addressed using FITR techniques. Scanning electron microscope and atomic force microscope measurements were employed to study the film microstructure of the coatings produced with such systems. The analysis of the cross-section of the films revealed the importance of particle coalescence and polymer inter-diffusion on the occurrence of both physical and chemical crosslinking.

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Phase-stepped deflectometry as a powerful tool to determine the appearance of paints and coatings

  • Speaker: Dr. Martin Bosma
  • Tuesday, March 19, 9.00-9.30
  • Room: Kiev

Phase-stepped deflectometry (PSD) is a relatively new, powerful and yet very affordable optical technique that can be used for the quantitative determination of the surface profile (appearance) of paints and coatings. With PSD several phase-stepped sinusoidal patterns are displayed on a computer screen which illuminates the surface under study and a camera is used to capture images of the reflected patterns. Analysis of these images allows quantitative determination of the surface profile. It will be shown that the correlation between PSD results and other methods used in the coating industry to evaluate appearance is generally very good. As PSD is a contactless and fast technique, it also allows determination of the appearance of wet layers and it can thus be used for the quantitative determination of sag and levelling phenomena in paints during drying and/or curing.

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Structure/activity relationships of waterborne stain-blocking binder technologies

  • Speaker: Dr. Andreas Steiner
  • Tuesday, March 19, 10.00-10.30
  • Room: Istanbul

Universal stain blocking ability of tannin and other staining ingredients found in many wood substrates as well as dyes and markers remains a substantial challenge for waterborne primers. Apart from a baseline of strong stain-blocking performance, waterborne primer systems also need to fulfill further important criteria like good adhesion properties to various substrates, sand-ability, excellent hiding power, early recoat-ability and extended outdoor durability, just to name a few examples.
The presented work focuses on comparison of various waterborne binder technologies, including but not limited to cationic, anionic, zwitter-ionic and multi-domain binder concepts and their overall performance profiles in stain-blocking primer applications. Structure/activity relationships with respect to universal blocking performance will be outlined and discussed.

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NISO goes water

  • Speaker: Dr. Armin Temel
  • Tuesday, March 19, 15.30-16.00
  • Room: Istanbul

Two big trends are constantly driving innovation and product development in the coatings industry: the continuous trend to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) in all fields of organic coatings and the increasing concern about the negative health effects of harmful and toxic components in coating formulations. Solvent borne 2-pack binders based on isocyanate crosslinkers are the industrial standard technology for high performance ambient to low bake coatings on metal, wood and plastic substrates. The conversion to 2-pack waterborne systems has mainly been limited by the blistering stemming from the reaction of isocyanates with water. Hence a waterbased non isocyanate crosslinking system is presented which yields high performing coating formulations with very low VOC content. Due to the absence of isocyanate crosslinkers health hazards are minimized and no blistering is observed even at high film build.

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Dual cure technology boosting performance of thermoformable coatings

  • Speaker: Dr. Steven Cappelle
  • Monday, March 18, 15.00-15.30
  • Room: Seoul

Thermoformable coatings are currently used to manufacture a wide variety of structural and functional plastic parts including automotive body parts, consumer electronic devices and house hold appliances. The concept of thermoforming enables to replace the complex lacquering of 3D components by a simpler coating of flat substrates being shaped afterwards. A challenge in developing formable coatings is to achieve excellent surface properties after a high degree of stretching as this is generally achieved by a high crosslinking density of the coating. This obvious conflict can be solved by the curing being implemented in two steps, before and after the forming. In this presentation the development of a dual cure coating is described which can be cured both thermally and by UV. The coating shows excellent thermoformability after a thermal treatment step and is passing the most stringent automotive requirements after UV curing.

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Novel bio-based energy-curable PU dispersions

  • Speaker: Dr. Michel Tielemans
  • Tuesday, March 19, 12.00-12.30
  • Room: St. Petersburg

Novel bio-based energy-curable polyurethane dispersions are delivering superior coating performance with a favorable ecological footprint. They address today's market demand for sustainable products in the perspective of a tri-dimensional model inspired by Life Cycle Analysis. Chemical innovation involves a structural approach towards new polymers with increasing bio-carbon contents that keep very high reactivity and immediate hardness after cure. This methodology guarantees a defined level of bio-carbon content according to ASTM D6866 standard. The new low-viscous products offer robust spray application with an attractive performance as a wood topcoat combining excellent mechanical & chemical resistances. More than ever, allnex is building on an environmentally-friendly product range and is painting coating innovation in green for a great sustainable future.

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Greener evolution of Powder Coating Resins technology

  • Speaker: Dietmar Fink
  • Monday, March 18, 12.30-1.00
  • Room: Hongkong

Powder coating is a well recognise environmental friendly technology if compared with other coating solutions like liquid coatings for instance. Recently the introduction of more strict SHE regulations and the market requirement of respecting specific ecological regulations have had an important impact for the Powder Coating technology in the direction of developing greener and more sustainable solutions. Our company dedicated important efforts to satisfy those new requirements in direction of using recycled products or avoiding specific raw materials with high environmental impact while keeping high coating resin performance. The objective of this presentation is to present the findings of allnex to make powder coating technology greener. Click here to register.

Product Presentations on the Exhibition Floor

This year at ECS 2019, several product presentations will be given on the show floor, and we're proud to have several allnex ones included. Simply click on the names below for details of each presentation.

Low demand HAA architectural resin CRYLCOAT® 2645-3

Speaker: Dietmar Fink
Date: Coming Soon
Time/Location: Coming Soon

HAA powder coatings are state of art in industrial and architectural coatings in the western European market. Interaction of humidity with HAA powder coatings is major root cause of undesired discolorations and whitening effects. Therefore accredited quality certifiers for architectural coatings include so-called moisture (water-spot) resistance tests in their standard requirements. CRYLCOAT 2645-3 is a carboxylated polyester resin allnex developed for use with 3.5% HAA. Coatings formulations based on CRYLCOAT 2645-3 combine good mechanical properties with excellent outdoor durability and outstanding moisture (water-spot) resistance.

Multi-purpose UV PUD for waterborne UV formulations designed for industrial wood applications

Speaker: Michel Tielemans
Date: Coming Soon
Time/Location: Coming Soon

Water-Based UV cure is the fastest growing technology in the Wood Coatings market and a sustainable solution combining the environmental & VOC benefits of water-based systems with the performance & productivity advantages of UV systems.

In this presentation UCECOAT 7630, the latest development in the family of UV PUDs for industrial wood application, will be introduced. Examples of use of the new resin in coating formulation over wood substrate will be shared, demonstrating UCECOAT 7630  great overall balance of properties and the benefits of its best-in-class inter-coat adhesion, without compromise on surface performance, to meet the challenging furniture & cabinets manufacturing industry specifications.

The Latest OH-functional acrylic acrylate, to enhance the mechanical & chemical resistances performance of your dual cure system

Speaker: Kevin Poelmans
Date: Coming Soon
Time/Location: Coming Soon

With the high demand of OEMs requirements for excellent scratch, humidity & chemical resistances in their coating solution on plastics, dual cure coating technology (thermal combined with energy cure) was found to be the best option to meet this need.

In this presentation, the latest OH functional resin EBECRYL 1205 will be introduced and illustrated by examples from the automotive interior coating industry, one of the applications with the most stringent specification requirements.  Coating on different plastic substrates are evaluated to demonstrate the strength of this new resin in the dual cure system like low yellowing, fast cure speed, excellent adhesion, chemical and humidity resistances. Suggested formulation & application conditions will also be shared during presentation.

Broadening the SETALUX® Fast Cure Product Range with High Performance Economy Grades

Speaker: Berend Mulder
Date: Coming Soon
Time/Location: Coming Soon

In 2018, allnex took the next step in improving the pot life - drying balance of fast drying 2k NCO systems, with the introduction of the SETALUX®  Fast Cure product range. With these resins, high performance paints can be formulated with drying times down to 1 hour, optimal pot life and high early hardness.

Now, allnex is broadening the SETALUX FC product range with novel, innovative high solids resins. With the introduction of SETALUX FC 1925 BA-75, allnex is now also offering high performance, economic fast cure grades, which also allow a drying time around 1 h while maintaining very good early hardness. This new, VOC-compliant resin is complementary to the existing SETALUX FC resins, giving formulators even more possibilities to optimize their fast drying paint compositions.

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