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Presenting the PC-4144: Silicone-free, Low VOC Defoamer

Jun 5, 2024 Innovation
allnex, a global leader in supply of specialty chemicals is launching the next product in their Additives line for petrochemical and metal working applications, the PC-4144 Defoamer.  The PC-4144 Defoamer is a highly efficient defoamer for metal working fluids with very low VOC content and silicone free. It is designed for a variety of applications including fabrication, metal working, industrial cleaning and water treatment.

The allnex line of PC Defoamers have been created to effectively reduce or prevent foam formation in non-aqueous organic systems such as lubricants and oils. Our PC Defoamers are petro-chemical (PC) and synthetic lubricant defoamers and are available in two convenient forms: a 40% active solution in a hydrocarbon solvent, and as a 100% active liquid.

As all are free of unbound silicone, they are stable during prolonged storage of four years or more.
Our PC-4144 benefits include:
  • Highly efficient with very low VOC content (<1). As mentioned above, it is completely silicon-free.
  • Can be used with all emulsifiable, semi-synthetic and synthetic lubricating-cooling fluids for chip removal, grinding, finishing and molding as well as with aqueous solutions for heat treatment, detergents for industrial cleaning and water treatment.
  • Easily washable, can be used as either an additive within the formulations, or as a tank side additive if necessary.
Available globally, please contact Bernhard Hirschmann or Tim Kittler for more information. You can also learn more about our PC Defoamers here.

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