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POLYPLEX® 200E: Paving the Way for More Sustainable Composite Applications

Jul 2, 2024 Innovation
allnex, the global leader in sustainable and innovative resins for industrial coatings, is excited to announce the latest launch in the extensive Composites product line, POLYPLEX® 200E.

Our allnex Composites in Australia is a leading producer of Unsaturated Polyesters, Gelcoats and Vinyl Esters for a wide range of Composite applications. Composites are a versatile construction material offering many advantages over conventional materials such as steel, concrete and wood including:
  • High mechanical, impact and directional strength properties
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Dimensional stability and corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance, light weight and long-term durability

POLYPLEX 200E is a white pigmented structural laminating resin produced by using recycled PET as a starting raw material. This resin is a more suitable alternative to POLYPLEX 200 Ortho-polyester Laminating Resin for Composite Swimming Pool constructions.

In addition, POLYPLEX 200E shows higher mechanical properties and improved water resistance over standard Ortho phthalic polyester resins for better reverse-osmosis resistance of real structural pool laminate potentially in contact with ground water. 

“We are really excited that POLYPLEX 200E is now ready for market,” says Dean Voice, Technology Manager – Allnex Composites AO. “The rPET we use to produce POLYPLEX 200E is initially sourced from a local recycled plastics supplier in Australia, and each drum of POLYPLEX 200E created contains the equivalent of 750 recycled plastic bottles, or 3.3 bottles per kg of resin. Our aim is to initially consume at least 100MT of waste PET per annum typically from recycled water and other plastic bottles converting them into a more sustainable, Terephthalic UPE resin for structural composite applications.”

Production of POLYPLEX 200E has commenced in Australia. Please contact your allnex Sales Representative or call our Customer Service Team at 1800-789-607 for more information or to request a sample.

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