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Nov 3, 2021 Corporate
Allnex , the global leader in Industrial Coatings, will present a symposium of four webinars to address the topic of low gloss industrial coatings, and will showcase their gloss-control technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of the market in this challenging area of coating technology. 

Save the Date : The symposium will be hosted by UL Prospector December 8 and 9, 2021.
Our experts will describe the role of low gloss coatings in everyday life, the fundamentals of low gloss coatings, the challenges of creating low gloss industrial coatings and the innovative solutions which have been developed to address them across liquid, radiation-cured and powder coatings technologies.
Our talks on December 8
Starting 0800 EST/1400 CET
Plenary Session: Low Gloss Coatings: their role in Today’s World, the Physics of Gloss and the Challenges Facing Different Coating Technologies
Our speakers
Dr. Robert Watson (Global Marketing Director Powder Coatings Resins (PCR) Business)
Dr Elwin de Wolf (Application Manager Liquid Resins & Additives (LRA) EMEA)
Dr. Patrice Roose (Senior Research Scientist Corporate Innovation/Allnex Leading Materials Characterization Laboratory)

Starting 0930 EST/1530 CET
Next Generation Self-Matting Solventborne 2K Paint Systems
Our speakers
Dr. Bart Noordover (Lab Leader Synthesis)
Robert Skarvan (Global Marketing Director Liquid Resins & Additives (LRA) Business)
Our talks on December 9

Starting 0800 EST/1400 CET
Excimer Curing, a Path Towards High Performance Dead Matte Surfaces
Our Speakers
Cédric D’Hulst (Global Marketing Manager Radcure (RAD) Business)
Xavier Deruyttere (Technical Service Manager Radcure (RAD) EMEA)

Starting  0930 EDT/1530 CET
Controlling Gloss Levels in Powder Coatings
Our speakers
Dr. Rob Watson (Global Marketing Director Powder Coatings Resins (PCR) Business)
Dietmar Fink (Senior Technical Service & Development Representative Powder Coatings Resin (PCR) Business EMEA))
Dr. Uwe Erwin Kubillus (Senior Technical Service & Development Representative Powder Coatings Resin (PCR) Business EMEA)
To register :
UPCOMING WEBINARS: Allnex Presents a Low Gloss Industrial Coatings Symposium: Insights Into Market Requirements, Technical Challenges and Innovative Gloss Control Technologies - Prospector Knowledge Center (
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