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allnex to take part in ebeam Technologies’ seminar on flexible consumer product packaging in Atlanta, GA (USA)

Jan 11, 2018 Trade Show
This event will be focusing on the current state and needs of the flexible consumer packaging market

ALPHARETTA, Georgia (USA), January 10, 2018 – allnex, a global leader in energy-curable technology for industrial, graphics, consumer electronics, plastics and special purpose coatings and inks, today announced its participation as guest speaker in an ebeam seminar held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) on January 25. One of a series of seminars by ebeam Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of innovative and award-winning electron beam (ebeam or EB) solutions, this event will be focusing on the current state and needs of the flexible consumer packaging market, the highest growth segment in the graphics industry, and the many advantages ebeam technology can offer businesses active in that market.

Supporting the growth of a green, high performance and cost-effective technology in the thriving consumer packaging market

The ebeam seminars aim to make electron beam technology more accessible to all industries, and help businesses and solution developers accelerate their innovation journey. This specific session will look at the current state and needs of the flexible packaging market and will include an overview of the latest advancements in low migration ebeam curing along with innovative solutions for flexible consumer product packaging applications. Printers, packaging printers, converters and finishers will learn about the many benefits that ebeam technology can deliver for their businesses from presentations by leading industry experts on photopolymer chemistry and low energy electron beam surface curing technology, which will be followed by a Q&A, lunch and a roundtable discussion.

The session will include presentations on the following topics:

  • Electron beams and inkjet ink technology
  • Photopolymer chemistry & curing processes
  • Photopolymer chemistry indirect food-contact compliance
  • Advancements in primers and varnishes
  • Advancements in laminating adhesives

For JoAnn Arceneaux, Manager Technical Services & Business Development at allnex and guest speaker at the seminar, ebeam Technologies’ partnership with allnex in the framework of this seminar very much makes sense: “Because it guarantees low migration, instantaneous curing without photoinitiators, high throughput and almost non-existant VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, electron beam technology has established itself as a green, cost-effective and, most importantly, extremely high performance technology for consumer product packaging applications. What makes ebeam Technologies seminars truly interesting is that they capitalize on ebeam Technologies’ own expertise as ebeam solutions manufacturer, but also other key actors’ in the ebeam world, like UV/EB-curable coating resins suppliers such as ourselves. Together, we are able to provide businesses with a full picture of what EB (Electron Beam) technology can help them achieve from both an equipment and chemistry perspective: improved quality (heat resistance, adhesion, cold seal adhesive release…), broader range of aesthetic effects (gloss, premium look, matte finish…), quicker processes and higher output, and even achieving sustainability goals. This makes it an ideal platform to discuss trends and practical requirements alike.”

Scott Auger, Global Marketing Manager Packaging Coatings and Inks at allnex, adds: “EB technology is becoming widely used in the food packaging market, which also happens to be the highest growth graphics segment. allnex wants to play a part in supporting this growth by presenting and explaining the chemistry required to companies willing to try it (printers, packaging printers…), to accelerate their innovation journey and increase their competitive edge in the market. We are honoured to have been asked to take part in this seminar and contribute to the conversation on this topic.”

JoAnn Arceneaux’s presentation at the seminar (10.15am) will be looking into Photopolymer “building block chemistry and its suitability and compliance with indirect food contact printing and finishing applications, from a resin manufacturer’s perspective. Indeed, global regulations for food packaging are increasing, and place limits on the types of photopolymers and photoinitiators that can be used. As a supplier of photopolymers (oligomers and monomers), several strategies for meeting these requirements have been developed, and these strategies will be discussed. JoAnn will also present the performance of the resulting commercial products in indirect food contact applications.

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