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allnex Sponsors Wallingford Public Schools’ Water Festivals

Oct 10, 2018 Corporate
allnex-Wallingford recently sponsored the Wallingford Public Schools’ Water Festivals.

Frankfurt, (Oct. 09, 2018)allnex-Wallingford, a global leader in coatings resins production, recently sponsored the Wallingford Public Schools’ Water Festivals, which were held at four Wallingford elementary schools: Parker Farms, Mary Fritz, Rock Hill, and Pond Hill.

These events were inspired by Project WET, which aims to “reach children, parents, teachers and community members of the world with water education that promotes awareness of water and empowers community action to solve complex water issues.”

Water festivals and similar initiatives are routinely held around the world to educate students about water. Hands-on activities provide an alternative and interdisciplinary learning opportunity that complements classroom teaching on the topic. Frank DiCristina, allnex Site Manager, noted the importance of educating our youth about conservative water usage.

“With the average person using approximately eighty to one-hundred gallons of water each day, it’s important that everyone understands their role in conserving this critical natural resource,” DiCristina said. “The various activities at each water festival station were both educational and engaging.”

For Wallingford Public School’s Water Festival, water activity stations were set up and covered topics such as “How Much Water Is on the Earth,” and “How Much Water Do You Need.” Both students and teachers commented on how valuable each station’s activities were in increasing water awareness.

“Knowledge is power. Bringing this experience to our students will make them more aware of the world around them as well as have a positive effect on the community,” Christina Sagnella, Parker Farms Elementary School Principal, said.

A fifth grader echoed these sentiments and noted, “It was interesting to learn what goes into our ecosystem and how we can help decrease pollution.”

Since 1991, Project WET USA has trained millions of educators and reached tens of millions of people with its science-based educational resources. There are currently 65 U.S. host institutions, each with a designated Project WET Coordinator.

For more information about allnex-Wallingford, contact Frank DiCristina at