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allnex Introduces Nexi, Your Personal Digital Scientist

Mar 1, 2021 Corporate

FRANKFURT, GERMANY (March 1, 2021) - allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, is excited to introduce you to our new digital employee, Nexi.

Nexi is the latest creation from allnex, designed to offer our customers the excellent service you’ve come to expect from the leading coating resins company.
Our Nexi is an exclusive addition to our Waterborne Epoxy Resins & Hardeners page (, and is a digital scientist able to answer your questions.
She is interconnected with our solution-based Product Finder, which is what allows her to narrow down exactly what you need. By answering just a few questions regarding what substrate will be used and what attributes you’re looking for, she culls through the Product Finder on your behalf and offers up the top matches.

What’s extra special about Nexi is her ability to adapt to your needs. She does her best to answer all questions and if can’t, she’ll set up a meeting for you with one of our allnex expert and consult with her human colleagues to learn the answer for future queries.
In addition, visitors are able to order samples directly though the Waterborne Epoxy Resins & Hardeners page, and she’ll follow up with you once the samples are delivered to see if there’s anything else you need, and to enable a one-to-one meeting with one of our expert chemists, if you like.

Ready to meet Nexi and get started? Visit our Waterborne Epoxy Resins & Hardeners page, say hello to Nexi, and welcome to the future of digital interactions from allnex.