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allnex Formalizes Partnership with HUBCAP Wallingford Dec 6th

Dec 4, 2016 Corporate
“We are thrilled to formalize our partnership with allnex.” Liz Landow, executive director of HUBCAP

HUBCAP Wallingford’s Community Room will officially be named the allnex Community Room at HUBCAP on Tues., Dec., 6th. In celebration of this partnership, the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce will host its Business Before Hours event at HUBCAP, beginning that day at 8 a.m.

“We are thrilled to formalize our partnership with allnex,” Liz Landow, executive director of HUBCAP, said. “It’s the unwavering support from local businesses and community members that allows us to continue our mission of serving as a successful hybrid-business incubator.”

As a business incubator, HUBCAP Wallingford provides a unique opportunity for collaboration between businesses and the local school district, offering an authentic learning experience. In addition, HUBCAP offers diverse community programming including its monthly business think tank, a “Credit for Life” event, parent education, student art shows and realtor meetings.

allnex Wallingford Site Manager Frank DiCristina encourages other local businesses to explore similar partnerships that mirror the company’s values.

“allnex aligns with HUBCAP in placing incredible value on contributing to the betterment of the community through education and business development,” DiCristina said. “As a local business we are continuously striving to find, create and nurture partnerships that have a lasting effect in the community.”  

To register for the Business Before Hours, click here:

For more information, contact Frank DiCristina at