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allnex advances sustainability with UCECOAT® 7701 BC—A Mass-Balanced, Energy-Curing Polyurethane Dispersion for the Industrial Wood Market

May 30, 2024 Innovation
allnex, a global leader in high performance and sustainable industrial coating solutions, announces the launch of UCECOAT® 7701 BC, a MIT-free version of UCECOAT® 7700, representing the first in a series of launches incorporating the mass balance approach.  This high-performance acrylated polyurethane dispersion is specifically designed for energy-curable pigmented top-coats on wood furniture. Its rapid reactivity ensures outstanding scratch and stain resistance in any colour, meeting the demands of industrial applications. UCECOAT® 7701 BC combines the ecological benefits of waterborne coatings with the robust performance of energy-curable systems, evolving towards a more sustainable industrial wood coatings market.

allnex’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product development. The company actively explores strategies to enhance bio content, reinforcing environmental claims throughout the value chain. One such strategy is the biomass balance approach, which enables drop-in product replacements with improved carbon credentials and reduced overall carbon footprint. Importantly, this approach maintains both existing production processes and product quality.

The ongoing development within the UCECOAT® range underscores allnex’s commitment to sustainable coating technologies. By significantly reducing carbon footprints and enhancing the environmental profile of energy-curable polyurethane dispersions, allnex leads the industry toward a more sustainable future representing innovative chemistry for all nex>t generations.  

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ECOWISE™ portfolio
allnex has taken significant steps to strengthen its strategy towards green technologies. Leveraging on our robust roots and rich history, the company is committed to delivering sustainable solutions to its valued customers. The ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio from allnex is a selection of products meeting the most stringent global industry standards and ecolabels, within the context of optimal end applications.
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allnex is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial coating resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and specialty coatings and inks. allnex is recognized as a pioneer in specialty chemistry, offering an extensive product range that includes innovative liquid resins and additives, radiation-curing and powder coating resins and additives, and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces. Today, allnex has a strong global presence with 4000 employees worldwide, 33 production sites and 23 research and technology centres.