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allnex achieves ISCC PLUS Certification for Seven Manufacturing Sites

Jun 11, 2024 Corporate
Frankfurt, June 11, 2024 - allnex, the global leader in sustainable and innovative resins for industrial coatings, today announced a significant milestone in its sustainability journey by achieving ISCC PLUS certification for seven of its production sites, covering all its major technologies.

The collaboration with the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a critical component of allnex’s strategy to meet its sustainability goals. The ISCC PLUS certification serves as third-party assurance of allnex’s mass balance practices, enabling the company to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its products and ensure traceability from origin to final user. This certification also ensures compliance with stringent social, economic, and environmental criteria.

"This certification is a significant reference of our dedication to sustainability and innovation," said Miguel Mantas, CEO of allnex. "It not only evidences our decarbonization efforts but also aligns with our recently announced commitment to a 30% reduction in Scope 3.1 emissions by 2030."

What is ISCC PLUS and how does it benefit allnex customers?

The ISCC is a globally recognized sustainability certification system covering various sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes and residues, circular materials, and renewables. With over 9,000 valid certificates in more than 130 countries, ISCC is one of the world's largest certification systems. Its mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establish sustainable production with fully traceable supply chains from origin to final user.

"We are proud to support our customers in their sustainability journeys," said Davy De Clercq, Head of Sustainability at allnex. "ISCC PLUS certification provides assurance of the biogenic carbon content in our products. This certified biogenic carbon content can be taken as a carbon footprint reduction credit according to specific standards. The fact that ISCC had to create and define new chemical categories fitting some of our technologies, shows that allnex truly is a pioneer in adopting ISCC PLUS certification.”

Benefits for allnex customers

allnex’s ISCC PLUS certification allows our customers to benefit from verified biogenic carbon content in their own products. This certification ensures maximum flexibility and ease of adoption, as the products maintain the same properties as their fossil-based counterparts, eliminating the need for additional testing or approval processes.

Customers can also rely on allnex for guidance on implementing sustainability practices, preparing for audits, and understanding the benefits of mass-balance content and related emissions reductions. Depending on the product and manufacturing location, the impact on carbon footprint reduction can vary from 15% to 70%.

ISCC PLUS certified allnex sites
  • Bergen-op-Zoom (Netherlands) and Werndorf (Austria): First sites certified (November 2022), re-certified in November 2023. Products: Polyesters and Polyacrylates (acrylic dispersions and emulsions).
  • Romano d’Ezzelino (Italy): Certified in October 2023, first site to offer mass-balance Polyesters (January 2024).
  • Bien Hoa (Vietnam): Certified in November 2023, first certified site in Asia. Products: Polyacrylates (acrylic dispersions and emulsions).
  • Drogenbos and Schoonaarde (Belgium): Certified in December 2023. Drogenbos is the first site certified globally to produce complex-acrylates with mass-balance. Products: Polyester/Polyether/Polyurethane-acrylates and multi-functional monomers.
  • Lilleström (Norway): Certified in May 2024, first Amino resins site to achieve this certification worldwide. Product: Amino resins.

Additional sites in China are expected to receive certification by mid-July 2024 (Changshu and Fengxian). Rayong (Thailand) and North Augusta (USA) are scheduled for certification audits by the end of 2024.
Our ISCC PLUS certification is just one example of the many sustainability initiatives that  reinforce allnex’s commitment to a sustainable future for all nex>t generations.
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