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3D Printing Resins

Resins for 3D printing additive manufacturing are…

…abundant in the allnex wide portfolio of oligomers and monomers.
From a need for physical properties such as elastomeric springback to improvement in Young’s Modulus, these resins can help complete your formulations needs.

  • Photopolymer 3D Printing
  • (Meth)acylate chemistry
Resins for 3D printing additive manufacturing are…


Our resins are suitable for vat photopolymerization 3D printing processes such as Stereolithography (SLA), Multijet (MJ) and Dynamic Light Processing (DLP). The photopolymer resins, such as EBECRYL® 8413 for extreme flexibility, and EBECRYL® 130 for high Tg, ABS-like properties are available globally today. We can help support you in your formulation development as well as provide starting point formulations.

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3D Printing Resins

Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 8413 Extremely flexible
Epoxy Acrylates EBECRYL® 3708 Very good flexibility
Reactive Diluent EBECRYL® 130 High Tg, ABS like properties
Reactive Diluent EBECRYL® 113 Good flexibility, low odor
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 285 PP like properties
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 4738 ABS like properties, excellent tensile strength
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 4859 Low viscosity, ABS like properties
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 8811 Good flexibility and toughness