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ADDITOL® XW 6528 is a water dilutable grinding medium which can be used for colour- and shading pigment pastes. It is compatible in waterborne air-drying and stoving alkyds, waterborne acrylic resins, UV curing systems, anodic deposition dipping lacquers, PU- dispersions and plastic dispersions. Additol® XW 6528 is co-crosslinking in melamine and isocyanate curing systems.
区域 Europe, Middle East and Africa
产品分组 Additives
市场应用 Performance Additives
细分应用 Performance Applications
化学 Additives
技术 Additives
配方优点 Dissolver qualified
Good compatibility
Shear stability
Pearl mill qualified
涂装优点 Wet on wet capable
Direct to Metal
成品优势 Improved appearance
Block resistance
High gloss potential
Higher pigment loading
Improved chemical resistance
Improved color stability
Improved hardness
Improved outdoor durability
绿色品质 Green technology
Tin free
APEO free