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BECKOCURE™ EH 2261W/41WA is Hydrophobic amine hardener especially for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings, free of volatile basic amines and solvents. In combination with epoxy dispersions fast drying Primers and Monocoats with excellent corrosion protection and very good non-sagging properties can be formulated, which show good adhesion on untreated, smooth or galvanized steel substrates.
区域 Europe, Middle East and Africa
产品分组 Waterborne Epoxy Hardeners
市场应用 Industrial Metal; Automotive OEM; Marine & Protective; Construction Performance
细分应用 Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications
化学 Amine hardeners
技术 Waterborne resins
配方优点 Good pigment wetting properties
Shear stability
涂装优点 Direct to Metal
Faster cycle time
No or less odor
Reduced surface preparation
Electrostatic spray
成品优势 Direct to metal
Fast return to service
绿色品质 Low free monomeric amine, lower sensitization risk and less harmful for environment
Low/zero VOC