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DAOTAN® TW 6492/35WA

DAOTAN® TW 6492/35WA is a waterborne, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion, free of solvents and emulsifiers. Dried at ambient temperature, this product yields transparent films. It provides several benefits, such as very good adhesion to plastic substrates, high elasticity and toughness, and excellent mechanical properties.
区域 North and Latin America
产品分组 Waterborne PU Dispersions
市场应用 Automotive OEM; Specialty Coatings
细分应用 Paint & Coatings
化学 Polyurethane
技术 Waterborne resins
成品优势 Improved mechanical resistance
Higher adhesion to plastics
Improved flexibility
Improved stone chip resistance
绿色品质 Low/zero VOC


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North and Latin America