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DAOTAN® TW 6491/33WA

DAOTAN® TW 6491/33WA is a waterborne, high molecular weight, polyether- based Polyurethane dispersion, free of solvents and emulsifiers. Coatings based on Daotan TW 6491 provide quick drying and yield transparent, crack free films without further addition of co- solvents. Outstanding features are very high elasticity and elongation.
区域 North and Latin America
产品分组 Waterborne PU Dispersions
市场应用 Specialty Coatings
细分应用 Paint & Coatings
化学 Polyurethane
技术 Waterborne resins
成品优势 Higher adhesion to plastics
Improved flexibility
绿色品质 Low/zero VOC


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North and Latin America