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ADDITOL® E 04707

ADDITOL® E 04707 is a semi-crystalline poly-ester resin to be used as additive acting as polymeric flexibilizer for formulations based on superdurable polyurethanes. ADDITOL® E 04707 provides a higher degree of flexibility and mechanical resistance of coatings.
区域 Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand
产品分组 Additives
市场应用 Automotive OEM; Coil & Pre-Coated Metal; Industrial Metal
细分应用 Industry Segment; Paint & Coatings
化学 Additives, Polyester
技术 Additives, Powder coating resins
涂装优点 Improved Rheology
成品优势 High impact resistance
Improved flexibility
Improved mechanical resistance
绿色品质 Low VOC