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SETAQUA® ECO 9000 has been developed especially for high quality, high gloss interior and exterior emulsion paints with exceptional DPUR (Dirt Pick
区域 Asia except China
产品分组 Waterborne Acrylics
市场应用 Decorative
细分应用 Paint & Coatings
化学 Acrylic
技术 Waterborne resins
配方优点 Lower formulation cost
涂装优点 No or less odor
No or low flammability
Reduced surface preparation
成品优势 Efflorescence resistance
High gloss potential
Higher pigment loading
Improved hardness
Improved chemical resistance
Improved outdoor durability
Improved water spotting
Matte gloss capable
Water resistance
绿色品质 APEO free
Benzyl Alcohol free
Formaldehyde free
Green technology
Low/zero VOC