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ADDITOL® VXW 6374 -dispersants- is a suitable wetting agent for neutral as well as amine neutralized waterborne coatings systems. It is highly effective for alkyd resin emulsions, acrylics, polyesters, epoxies, UV curing backbone resin systems, polyurethane emulsions as well as standard emulsions designed to formulate quality coating systems. ADDITOL® VXW 6374 improves wetting of organic and inorganic pigments in all aqueous coating systems. It is also suited for the preparation of pigment pastes containing no binders.
区域 Europe, Middle East and Africa
产品分组 Additives
市场应用 Performance Additives
细分应用 Performance Applications
化学 Additives
技术 Additives
配方优点 Dissolver qualified
Shear stability
Good compatibility
涂装优点 Higher sagging resistance
成品优势 Higher pigment loading
High gloss potential
Good balance of properties
绿色品质 APEO free
Energy saving
Low/zero VOC