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BECKOPOX™ EP 128 is a solvent-free liquid epoxy resin. It is used in: the construction field for chemical and abrasion resistant flooring compounds, for sealing and repairing stone and concrete structures, anticorrosion/solvent-free coating systems, for cold and heat-curing trowelling and adhesive systems, in the electrical industry for castings, impregnations and composites, and for tool- and mould constructions, patterns, models and fixtures.
区域 Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; North and Latin America
产品分组 Solventborne Epoxies
市场应用 Construction Composites; Fabrication; Industrial Metal; Marine & Protective; Construction Performance
细分应用 Composites; Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications
化学 Epoxy resins
技术 Solventborne/Solventfree resins
成品优势 Excellent adhesion
Improved chemical resistance
绿色品质 Low/zero VOC
Solvent free