Urethane Specialties

Urethane Specialties Technology

allnex offers isocyanate monomers that are uniquely suited for waterborne and/or high solids solvent-based coating, ink and adhesive applications.

  • The tertiary aliphatic diisocyanate TMXDI® (META) is designed for use in the synthesis of solvent-free, water-based, low-VOC polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) that are stable and easy to work with for improved manufacturing efficiency. These PUDs are used to prepare light stable, water-based coatings, adhesives and inks with excellent durability and adhesion, even to difficult substrates – performance that equals or exceeds solvent-based systems.
  • The unique bifunctional unsaturated aliphatic isocyanate TMI® (META) is used for the synthesis of both water-and solvent-based copolymers with built-in reactive sites for further customization that are applied to latex and plastic modification, the preparation of automotive and other light-stable coatings, and as specialty coating additives.
  • Methyl Carbamate and meta-Diisopropenylbenzene are specialty chemicals used in resin and polymer synthesis, as well as fine chemical manufacturing.