General Terms and Conditions

The standard conditions of purchase set out below for the relevant goods and/or services shall be the country version which is determined by the registered seat of the allnex entity which figures on the purchase order or purchase agreement. The General Terms and Conditions are subject to change and, in any event, the applicable General Terms and Conditions at the time of the purchase or sale shall apply unless otherwise agreed upon in a signed document by an authorized representative of allnex.

The standard conditions of sale (allnex = seller) set out below for the relevant goods shall be the regional version (and for the Americas and Asia Pacific the country version) which is determined by the registered seat of the Allnex entity identified in the order confirmation.

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Terms of Purchase

Terms of Sale

Americas Americas
Brazil – English/Portuguese Canada – English / French
USA - English Mexico - Spanish
  USA – English
Asia Pacific  
Australia – English  
China - Simplified Chinese China – Simplified Chinese
China - Traditional Chinese China – Traditional Chinese
Japan - Japanese Thailand - Thai
Korea - Korean Other countries - English
Other Countries - English  
  Europe/Middle East/Africa
Europe/Middle East/Africa  
Belgium - English English
Belgium - Dutch French
Belgium - French German
France - English Italian
France - French Spanish
Germany / Austria - English  
Germany / Austria - German  
Italy - English  
Italy - Italian  
Spain - English   
Spain - Spanish  
Rest of Europe - English