Our product range entails innovative Liquid Coating Resins & Additives, UV/EB Curable Coating Resins & Additives and Powder Coating Resins & Additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other substrates.


Additives for Coatings and Paint

Although used in very small quantities, additives can have a huge impact on coating and ink performance and application properties. Used in the right order, at the right time, and at the right levels, additives can help improve the appearance and durability of a coating, the flow of paints and inks, the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and even the sustainability of formulations.

Amino Crosslinking Resins

Amino Resins Technology

CYMEL® amino crosslinkers have been used for over 50 years in metal, wood and rubber coating applications, including automotive OEM, kitchen cabinets, metal food and beverage packaging, metal building products, tire and general metal finishing.



allnex supplies acid catalysts for accelerating the cure response of amino crosslinking agents.

Phenolic Crosslinking Resins

Phenolic Resins

allnex has a long history as a phenolic resins producer. Today, phenolic resins are used in a wide variety of applications, including many types of high-performance coatings. To address the needs of our customers, we continue to develop new, innovative phenolic resin solutions.

Powder Coating Resins

Powder Coating Resins Technology

allnex Resins are an essential constituent of Powder Coatings, an advanced and fast growing technology used to apply a decorative or protective finish to a wide range of substrates in the automotive, furniture and appliance markets.

Solventborne Resins

Solventborne Resins

While the coatings industry is moving away from solvent-based formulations, there are still many applications where solventborne coatings have been shown to be a sustainable solution or are needed for performance. 

Urethane Specialties

Urethane Specialties Technology

allnex offers isocyanate monomers that are uniquely suited for waterborne and/or high solids solvent-based coating, ink and adhesive applications.

UV/EB Curable Resins (Radcure)

UV/EB Curable Resins Technology - Radcure

Ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) energy-cured coatings have excellent appearance, durability, and little or no VOC emissions, while enabling increased productivity and lower overall costs per cured part.

Waterborne Resins

Waterborne Resins Technology

allnex has always been in the forefront of developing waterborne coating resins that meet, and in many cases, exceed the performance and application properties of existing solvent-based resins.