Small Changes Equal Big Energy Reduction for allnex Botany

FRANKFURT, (August 13, 2018) - allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, is pleased to announce the efforts of the allnex Botany team to take actions to reduce energy usage has been met with great success.

At allnex, Safety is one of our core values. Not just safety for our employees and local residents, but also ensuring both a superior environment and energy management system are in place to protect and keep safe the world around us.

We also recognize that small changes can have a big impact. Our Botany site has proven just that. Allow us to take a moment to tell you how.

  • Total electricity consumption reduced by 5%, with a 10% improvement in efficiency. This was accomplished by:
    • Replacing existing lights with LED lighting
    • Upgrading a cooling water tower fan and its drive system
    • Adjusting the cooling water control temp with the seasons and
    • Reducing compressed air pressure by 4%
  • Natural gas consumption reduced by 5%, resulting in a 10% improvement in efficiency. To achieve this, the Botany team:
    • Cleaned the internal boiler to improve efficiency
    • Fine-tuned the boiler firing strategy
    • Improved steam insulation and
    • Improved the thermal oxidizer efficiency.
  • The total amount of imported liquid nitrogen consumption (largely produced with electricity) was decreased by a whopping 40%, with a 45% improvement in efficiency. The main action that achieved this reduction was to review – and hence reduce – the nitrogen inerting requirements on reactors and vessels across the site.

As you can see, seemingly small changes can have an enormous impact on the efficiency and energy consumption at a plant, and we’re so proud of our Botany team for their outstanding results!

We look forward to sharing with you success stories from other allnex sites in the future.