Shebekino ‘Resins Heroes’ Give Back Through Community Clean-up

FRANKFURT: (August 22, 2018) - allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, are very proud to announce staff from our allnex Russia location took part in a Saturday voluntary work day to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Shebekino District. About 20 employees, including senior management, cleaned the surrounding territory.

Historically, the industrial area in Shebekino has been mainly occupied by chemical production plants. At allnex, we are known globally for our commitment to our core values, respect for people, cooperation with local communities, investment into future generations and of course, environmental care.

As a part of corporate social responsibility, the decision was made to contribute into improving the environment in this area. In agreement with the local authorities, which were very happy to provide support in every initiative and helpful with the expansion plans, the group cleaned up the territory surrounding the production site by removing all trash to prepare it for further planting activities. It was the first step in the long-term plan of cooperation with local community.

The site hopes that the organization voluntary work day will become a tradition for many years to come.

 "It was a great platform to show our unity and pride for our business in Russia. It further strengthens our resolve to achieve as a group and be the best we can be in every aspect of our performance."  Peter Dyer, General Manager said.

Anton Zabortsev, Site Manager, who participated in the clean-up along with his young daughter, commended on the excellent work done by the employees, "We need to continue organizing similar events for team building. There were two targets covered by this green day – team building and leading by example. We showed how important is to keep our plant and the surrounding area clean and tidy, and to work together with the goal to make our plant the best in the area!"