Protective Coating Resins

Protective Coating Resins Application

Protective coatings, regardless of the specific application (marine, transportation, petrochemical, specialty commercial architectural, etc.), must meet exceptionally high performance requirements in terms of durability, corrosion protection, anti-fouling properties, etc. And they must do so cost-effectively while meeting increasingly strict regulatory requirements and growing user expectations for more sustainable solutions.
To address these needs, allnex offers an innovative family of low VOC, low odor, waterborne epoxy, acrylic and alkyd resins for field-and factory-applied coatings for metal and concrete. These performance-driven, one component and two component primers, intermediate coats and topcoats help coating manufacturers: 

  • Realize competitive advantage with improved performance;
  • Achieve enhanced appearance and greater ease of application; and 
  • Overcome the challenges associated with developing high-performing protective systems for concrete and metal. 

We also offer water-based and solvent-based phenolic, epoxy, acrylic, and alkyd resins and additives for the formulation of strong, durable and highly corrosion resistant coatings.
Our advanced resin technologies are ideal for formulators targeting existing and emerging markets, such as General Metal, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, Infrastructure, Powder, Industrial Plants, Petrochemical, Marine and Railway.