Introducing our newest resin, the CRYLCOAT® E 04482, a carboxylated superdurable polyester resin. Designed for use with TGIC, it allows for excellent flexibility combined with good balance of flow, surface appearance and outdoor resistance.


We invite you to explore our BECKOPOX™ EH 2162, a newly developed high solids, low viscosity and HAPS-free epoxy curing agent designed for use in low VOC (< 50 g/l) 2K epoxy coatings. This brand-new epoxy hardener is designed to be use in a wide range of concrete primers and multi-layer epoxy coatings systems. It has also been designed to be used in conjunction with all epoxy resins to create an ‘acid-stained look’ achievable in the DIY market space without the need of applying the full acid stain process.


CRYLCOAT® 4698-2

Announcing the CRYLCOAT® 4698-2 for HAA Applications. It extends the range of carboxylated superdurable polyester resin, meeting the requirements for outstanding flexibility and offering improved mechanical strengths with excellent chemical and overbake resistance.

CRYLCOAT® 2645-3

The allnex CRYLCOAT 2645-3 extends the range of carboxylated polyester resins for architectural applications with a low acid value to meet all the requirements for blooming-free architecture outdoor applications.


CRYLCOAT® 2453-2

The allnex CRYLCOAT 2453-2 was designed to meet the requirement for boiling water resistance resin for use in an Architectural application, while still maintaining excellent outdoor durability and flexibility.