PHENODUR® VPR 1785 Grade Resins - Ultra-High Flexibility Phenolics for Packaging and Can Coating Applications


PHENODUR® VPR 1785/50MP and 1785/70B are high flexibility phenolic resins that can be used for formulating BPA- and BADGE-Non Intended can coatings . They are a heat curable, non-plasticized phenol-resol containing little free monomers that can be diluted with alcohol, ketone, glycol ether and esters. These resins are part of the broad allnex portfolio of phenolic resins covering a variety of coating applications and performance requirements.

  • Compatible with PVB or polyester resins to formulate BADGE- and BPA-NI systems
  • Excellent overall technical performance when used in epoxy based recipes
  • Excellent flexibility, retort and bend resistance
  • Enables formation of flexible films without the use of epoxide resins
  • High adhesion and chemical resistance for can, tube and metal foil coatings
  • VPR 1785/70B suitable for water dilute able application