MACRYNAL™ VSM 2521w and 6299w - Waterborne Dispersions

MACRYNAL Waterborne Dispersions

MACRYNAL ™ VSM 2521w and VSM 6299w provide very good compatibility and mixability with a wide range of solvent free hydrophilized polyisocyanates.  They are easily hand mixed when mechanical agitation is not available during application.   Resultant coatings from these dispersions give high gloss, excellent chemical and block resistance.

allnex’s MACRYNAL ™ VSM 2521w and VSM 6299w, which are well-known for their high quality clear coat and top coat performances like drying properties and hardness, are now improved with a new offering of good hand mixability with hydrophilic polyisocyanates.  It aids in overcoming problems with inconsistent quality that frequently occur when mechanical mixing is not available during application.