Industrial Coating Resins

Factory applied finishes on wood or metal must meet demanding customer expectations. Coating formulators must therefore continually provide new solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, expand or enhance the performance of their products for industrial coatings, and meet ever more stringent regulatory requirements.

allnex has solutions that meet the unique requirements for furniture and flooring, coil coating and general metal applications:

  • Waterborne acrylics, polyurethanes, alkyds and epoxy dispersions for use in primers, basecoats and topcoats
  • High solids acrylic polyols, alkyds and oil-free polyesters for low VOC, odorless industrial topcoats
  • Formaldehyde-free and low temperature cure crosslinkers as sustainable alternatives to conventional melamine and amino/alkyd based crosslinkers
  • Next-generation hybrid polyester resins for indoor metal furniture and general metal finishing applications that are designed to reduce total formulation costs. 

With allnex’s comprehensive range of solventborne, waterborne, powder, and UV curable resins, crosslinker and additive technologies, and help from our experienced and dedicated technical experts, formulators can stay ahead of their customers’ expectations for just about any type of industrial coating system.