CRYLCOAT® 2415-2 - Architectural resin for matte dry blend.

We’re excited to present to you our CRYLCOAT® 2415-2, a new resin to manufacture smooth powder coating with Low Gloss. CRYLCOAT 2415-2 is a carboxylated polyester resin that has been designed to use with TGIC in a 90/10 ratio to manufacture smooth powder coatings with Gloss 20 to be used in matte dry blend systems in combination with CRYLCOAT® 2452-2.

Value Proposition:

  • Smooth low gloss
  • Good flow
  • High solvent resistance
  • Excellent Outdoor weathering resistance
  • Outstanding storage stability
  • Good boiling water resistance


CRYLCOAT 2415-2 is now available for customers worldwide. Please contact us for more information or to receive a sample.