Consumer Electronics & Industrial Plastics

Consumer Electronics Application

The fast-changing consumer electronics, industrial plastics and automotive interior markets are highly competitive industries, and manufactures look to coatings formulators to help them differentiate their products through unique surface effects that are attractive to demanding consumers.
allnex offers a broad range of radiation curable and 1K and 2K waterborne resins that enable coating formulators to develop differentiated low-VOC coating solutions:

  • Performance: improved adhesion, outdoor durability weatherability, superior hardcoats, chemical and boiling water resistance, enhanced surface cure, monocoat application on plastics, and use in vacuum metallization processes.
  • Surface Effects: easy-to-clean, easy fingerprint removal, tack-free before cure, high gloss mirror effect, nanocomposite-based acrylic resins for improved scratch resistance, and a soft touch effect.
  • Physical Properties: low shrinkage, good refractive index, high flexibility and a range of Tg solutions.
  • Environment: solvent-free sprayable hardcoats, high percent of renewable content and water-based 1K & 2K resins that are totally solvent- and NMP-free.