ALNOVOL® UF 410 RPC - Effective Oil Replacement Resin for Rubber Processing


ALNOVOL® UF 410 RPC is a solvent-free carbamic resin combining the properties of a processing add and reinforcing system. It functions to reduce compound viscosity, improves hardness and textile cord adhesion and can be used as a processing oil replacement in Apex, Bead and Textile cord compounds, while still providing favorable processing characteristics. This resin is part of the allnex broad range of ALNOVOL® and CYREZ ® products developed specifically for the tire and rubber compounding industry.

  • Processing oil replacement providing new opportunities in rubber compounding
  • Can be added to mixer directly resulting in lower viscosity and improved shape and surface
    characteristics for rubber extrusion applications
  • Delivers higher hardness and modulus by keeping Mooney viscosity and elongation at break stable
  • Compatible with most synthetic and natural rubbers
  • Organic solvent-free, fast, heat resistant and stable against hydrolysis

Our industry-leading line of coating resins and additives are available for customers worldwide. For more info, please download the Crosslinker Resins for the Tire and Rubber Industry brochure , or access our ALNOVOL UF-410 technical datasheet here. You may also contact Customer Service at