Adjacent Markets

Adjacent Markets Applications

In addition to our broad portfolio of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for powder and UV curable coatings, allnex offers specialty materials for rubber tires, composites and oil derivatives.

For the rubber industry, we offer a unique combination of experience in phenolic and amino-melamine resin technologies for integrated product solutions. Our phenolic resins are designed specifically as adhesion promoters and reinforcing resins for the tire industry, and are cured using our specially formulated amino-melamine crosslinkers.

Our unsaturated polyesters, gelcoats and color pastes are used in a variety of applications, including the manufacture of pools, in the sanitary market, and in the leisure boat industry.

Lubricants and oils also benefit from the specialty chemical expertise of allnex. Our silicone-free PC Defoamers reduce or prevent foam formation throughout the shelf-life of both petroleum-based and synthetic lubricants and oils. We are also developing specialty defoamers for bio-based lubricants and oils.