ADDITOL® XW 6555 and ADDITOL® XW 6566 - New Combination Driers


New combination driers ADDITOL® XW 6555 and ADDITOL® XW 6566 meet legislative & regulatory requirements and are "ready-to-use" combination driers with excellent compatibility and fast incorporation in all waterborne and solventborne alkyd paints.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of toxicity and VOCs
  • Allows replacement of widely used ADDITOL® VXW 4940 N and ADDITOL® VXW 6206 containing "cobalt octoate salts" by adjusting the dosage without losing paint performance.

New regulations on cobalt carboxylates require that all mixtures containing 3% of these substances have to be classified for reproductive toxicity category 2 under CLP. Safety datasheets for such mixtures must indicate the hazard statement "H361f - Suspected of damaging fertility" and a new pictogram on the labels.