A New Milestone for Allnex in China

Shanghai, May 22nd  2015 – On May 21st,  Allnex welcomed the official visit of Mr. Jiangling, the Municipal deputy secretary and Mayor of Zhuhai City and his delegation.
David Wang,  Allnex VP Great China and Dennis Ding, Allnex China Legal Representative, cordially welcomed Mr. Jiangling, the Municipal Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Zhuhai City; Mr. Qingli Wang, the Vice Mayor and other Zhuhai government officials, to the Allnex Shanghai office. This meeting establishes a new milestone for Allnex’s development in China, providing a platform and opportunity for both parties to further understand and communicate with each other.

On behalf of Allnex China, David Wang warmly welcomed Zhuhai Officials’ visit. On introducing Allnex’s history and its business in China he said:” Though only in existence as an independent company for two years, Allnex is an international company with a long history and leading innovative technology,  with an important position in the Coating Resins Industry. China is a most important strategic market for Allnex’s development in future.  As one of the most critical and supportive territories for the coating industry, Zhuhai City will provide a lot of opportunity for Allnex’s development in China.”

The Mayor Mr. Jiangling commented :”We are very pleased to have such close contact with Allnex and learn more about each other in many aspects. We have great confidence and high expectation for Allnex’s prosperous development and mutual cooperation in China. Zhuhai city continues to optimize its government platform to attract more investment and provide more satisfied and complete services to business. We sincerely hope that more companies like Allnex  invest in Zhuhai contributing to the city’s development and prosperity.”

In September 2014, Allnex and Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. signed a Joint Venture agreement with a view to manufacture and supply Allnex’s CYMEL® and Eternal’s ETERMINO amino crosslinker resins in Greater China. The Joint Venture will invest in a new manufacturing facility in Zhuhai City of China. The project is now under preparation.